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Heartiest WELCOME to our humble website

Heartiest WELCOME to our humble website
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Saturday, January 17, 2009

"The Richest Man in Babylon" by Gerge Clason - RM 20

"Richest Man In Babylon" is a book that was first published way back in 1926. Since then it has sold more than two million copies and has become a financial cult classic. The brevity and simplicity of the book can be deceiving as it is a powerful little book with a powerful message that can change lives.

George Samuel Clason first published the stories within the Richest Man in Babylon book as separate pamphlets for the finance industry. They became such a success that the best stories were made into a book.

Clason's message is that finance is simple if you follow some basic rules. He gets his message across by talking in parables with entertaining stories.

The most important idea is to keep 10 percent of all you earn and use these savings to make more earnings. Very simple in theory, but very few people put this theory into practice.

"The Greatest Salesman in The World" by Og Mandino - RM 15

The Greatest Salesman in the World is a tiny book, and it is a treasure. First published in 1968, Og Mandino's classic remains an invaluable guide to a philosophy of salesmanship. Mandino's clear, simple writing style supports his purpose: to make the principles of sales known to a wide audience. A parable set in the time just prior to Christianity, The Greatest Salesman in the World weaves mythology with spirituality into a much needed message of inspiration in this culture of self-promotion. Mandino believes that to be a good salesperson, you must believe in yourself and the work you are doing. It is a simple but profound spiritual philosophy about how to succeed in the world's marketplace, easily understood and easy to take to heart.

"Master Keys System" by Charles Haanel - RM 30

The Master Keys System will not only outline how important positive thinking is it will guide you through practical lessons that will make it easy for you to change your entire way of thinking. Long before Michael Losier and James Arthur Ray reminded the world just how affective the power of positive thinking could be in Laws of Attraction and The Science of Success Charles F. Haanel had mapped out a twenty four lesson program that, when followed, realizes tremendous results. Success is right around the corner, this book holds the key.

"Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill - RM 35

70 years after the book Think and Grow Rich was written, it is still a highly respected and read book. It has sold millions of copies and is a "Bible" for people who are searching financial freedom. The essence of the book is Napoleon Hill’s famous statement: "Everything your mind can conceive, you can achieve" The title says the same, in different words: Think and Grow Rich

The book goes through The thirteen steps to riches according to Napoleon Hill.

The whole book has a underlying tone of "You can do it!" mentality to motivate you.

The book offers a lot of questionnaires and practical exercises in addition to all the text. It gives you clear guide lines in how to set goals and reach them and how to make clear plans that you can follow thru. You are shown the way to realize your highest potential, and succeed in anything you set your mind to.

It also teaches you not to give up, and see all mistakes as learning opportunities. Napoleon Hill teaches that successful people never considers temporary failure as a permanent defeat.

"Easy Pease" by Alan Pease - RM 20

The desire to be recognised, to feel important and appreciated is all-powerful. And the more important you make someone feel, the more positively they will respond to you.

We all admire those who seem to have the natural ability to enter an unfamiliar social situation and begin to engage others in conversation. These people have what is often called 'charisma'. While some people wonder how they do it, most assume that they must have a 'natural' talent.

The reality is that 'charisma' is an acquired skill of influential people and can be learned, enhanced and perfected when you have the right information and the determination to learn.

Easy Peasey - People Skills for Life will provide you with the necessary skills you'll need to become influential with everyone in any situation. When you put these skills into action, don't be surprised if people begin asking, 'Where did you get the ability to talk with people so successfully?' Even if they don't ask, they'll certainly be thinking about it, just as you once did.

This book is about the essential skills that achieve extraordinary success with everyone. We've designed it so that you can open it at any page and start learning a new skill instantly. You'll notice that we get straight to the point with each skill, give an example, and then finish.

Friday, January 16, 2009

"Body Language" by Alan Pease - RM 25

What people say is often very different from what they think or feel. ‘Body Language’ by Allan Pease is just what you require to know those feelings which people often try to hide. There are things that an untrained eye does not detect, but this book is capable of even making a rookie a pro. Allan Pease is an international expert on communicating without words and has reliably poured his thoughts into this book. His book has had over half a million sales with people all round the world wanting to learn from him. Body language might sound tough to learn, but it is in-fact easy to pick up and fun to use.

This book is comprehensive guide to body language with Allan explaining every detail with as much simplicity as possible. The many that you can can learn from this book include palm gestures, hand and arm gestures, hand-to-face gestures, arm & leg barriers, eye signals, courtship gestures & signals, body lowering and much much more. I have had delightful experiences so far because of his teachings. Every time i see someone make a movement, my eye automatically looks for prominent gestures and I then compare them with what the person is actually saying. It helps a great deal in forwarding your relationship with others. People working in every sphere of life will find this useful and applicable. ^_^

"Personality Plus" by Florence Litauer - RM 20

Each of the following statements relates to one of the four basic personality types: Melancholy, Phlegmatic, Sanguine, and Choleric.
In Personality Plus, Florence Littauer gives you valuable insight for appreciating your one-of-a-kind, God-given personality. She includes a Personality Profile test that reveals how your unique blend of traits affects your emotions, work performance, and relationships. Through humorous anecdotes and straightforward counsel, Personality Plus guides you to improve upon your strengths and correct your weaknesses.

This engaging book also provides keys to understanding those around you. You'll learn how to accept-and even enjoy-the traits that make each of us so different. Personality Plus is the tool you need to change your life, and the lives of those you care about, for the better.

"Success Built To Last" by Mark Thompson - RM 25

Explore the successful habits of extraordinary people. Imagine the opportunity to discover the secrets of success from more than 300 of the world's most accomplished and successful people ; Nelson Mandela, Richard Brandson, presidents of the past, sporting heroes of today.
This book offers you that opportunity and more. The authors, all legends in leadership and self-help, including Built to Last co-author Jerry Porras, pioneered the world's most thorough research project on lifelong success. They met, interviewed, quizzed and delved into the success of hundreds of the world's most remarkable people.
Now in "Success Built to Last" they reveal their astonishing findings and surprising insights. You will discover what the world's most successful people have in common, how they became successful and how they have sustained it. By the time you have finished reading this book you will know what the secrets to success really are, and have a simple set of guiding principles that you can use to transform your own life.

"10 Powerful Phrases for Positive People" by Rich Devos - RM 20

"Ten Powerful Phrases for Positive People" is an AWESOME book for managers, because of its simple, straightforward style, and for the wonderful stories Mr. DeVos shares around each of the topics. All the chapters are things you can put into action right away, with your team, your family, and those around you.

The book is made up of 10 simple phrases, like “I’m proud of you” and “I believe in you.” DeVos shows how these little things can make a huge difference in people’s lives. He shares how they made a huge difference for the people in his life, and how they impacted him when folks told him these things in his life.

As a manager, I understand what a big difference the little things make to my team. This book reminded me to keep doing the little things that mean the most.

Even if you are "not yet" a manager, this book can definately make you a better person, and prepare you to be THE BEST manager in time to come. ^_^

Thursday, January 15, 2009

"N L P" by Charles Faulkner - RM 40

NLP has already helped millions of people overcome fears, increase confidence, enrich relationships, and achieve greater sucess. Now the NLP Comprehensive Training Team has written a book that reveals how to use this breakthrough technology to achieve whatever you want.

Short for neuro-linguistic programming, NLP is a revolutionary approach to human communication and development. In NLP: The New Technology of Achievement, you'll be guided step-by-step through specific programs for learning the characeristics of top achievers and creating a blueprint for unlimited sucess. Plus, an all-new twenty-one-day program created especially for this book provides you with the essential skills you'll need to achieve peak performance in business and life.

"E--Myth" by Michael Geber - RM 20

For anyone who want to start a business or already doing "business", this book is a must for you to save a lot more of your sweat and tears. I always remember what my mentor have taught me on "how to gain more with less effort" as most people work IN their business,wherelse we should actually work ON our business instead. You don't understand what I'm saying? Read this book then. ^_^

"E-Myths" offers a solid plan and a clear path that, all acts of god aside, will most likely lead to a solid successful business.

After reading "E-Myths," you will understand that your dreams are not in the sky; they're in you. If you are the guy who wistfully dreams of what could have been or you find yourself saying "if only..." then puts his head down and goes back to work at his day job, I strongly recommend you read this enlightening book "if only..." to discover those dreams are a living part of you; a part that is trying to live a fuller life. Gerber's book is not just a plan for running another of countless faceless businesses; it is a wake-up call to the entrepreneur in us all.

"The Heart of a Leader" by Ken Blanchard - RM 25

Millions of people have improved their leadership style and "people skills" after reading Ken Blanchard’s best-selling book The One-Minute Manager.

Now, Blanchard helps us discover the art of influence through the greatest life and leadership lessons he’s learned in his rich career as an educator and business leader. The Heart of a Leader offers Blanchard’s insight and wisdom on choosing values, aiming for excellence, maintaining integrity, finding the courage to change, helping others reach their potential, and more. With The Heart of a Leader you’ll master key attitudes and actions to impact the lives of those around you.
Influence is an art—and it begins with the heart of a leader. It’s time to let your heart soar!

"Top Performance" by Zig Ziglar - RM25

Ahh.. one of my favourate book. ^_^ "Top Performance". We expect it of ourself. We expect it from those around us. So how do we make it a reality? This AWESOME book reveal to us how to maximize our leadership abilities, improvement in management skills and a lot more.

The dynamic principles developed by a master salesman are applicable to the office, home, sports, church, or other organizations. Sprinkled with Ziglar's wit and helpful illustrations, the given principles will propel us and those around us toward "Top Performance" ; that is, if we apply it of course. ^_^

You don't have to take my word for it. Let us see what other successful people have to say about the book.

"If anyone ever wanted a blueprint for success and leadership, Top Performance is the book to read."
Dave Liniger, CEO, RE/MAX International, Inc.

"Zig is the greatest motivator in the world. His philosophy has been the one I have tried to emulate the most."
Lou Holtz, head coach, University of South Carolina

"If they want the competitive edge, managers and doctors in the health services industry, in any industry, had better read Top Performance. No, they'd better learn to live Top Performance."
David M. Hunter, executive vice president, M. Bostin Associates

Need I say more? ^_^ This is among the "MUST HAVE" book. And not just having it, you need to READ IT and APPLY IT as well!! Enjoy...

Check out the FANTASTIC price below...

Our List of FANTASTIC Business / Motivational / Self-help BOOKS :

1. "Top Performance" by Zig Ziglar - RM 25
2. "The Heart of a Leader" by Ken Blanchard - RM 25
3. "E--Myth" by Michael Geber - RM 20
4. "N L P" by Charles Faulkner - RM 40
5. "10 Powerful Phrases for Positive People" by Rich Devos - RM 20
6. "Success Built To Last" by Mark Thompson - RM 25
7. "Personality Plus" by Florence Litauer - RM 20
8. "Body Language" by Alan Pease - RM 25
9. "Easy Pease" by Alan Pease - RM 20
10. "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill - RM 35
11. "Master Keys System" by Charles Haanel - RM 30
12. "The Greatest Salesman in The World" by Og Mandino - RM 15
13. "The Richest Man in Babylon" by Gerge Clason - RM 20
14. "Psycho Cybernetics workbook" by Maxwell Maltz - RM 15
15. "Millionaire Mentality" by Dexter Yager - RM 30
16. "The Millionaire Next Door" by Thomas J. Stanley - RM 35
17. "Network of Champion" by Shad Helmstetter - RM 15
18. "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki - RM 30
19. "Cash Flow Quadrant" by Robert Kiyosaki - RM 30
20. "Guide to Investing" by Robert Kiyosaki - RM 40
21. "Rich & Happy" by Robert Kiyosaki - RM 30
22. "Retire Young Retire Rich" by Robert Kiyosaki - RM 40
23. "Rich Dad Business School" by Robert Kiyosaki - RM 20
24. "Rich Dad Success Stories" by Robert Kiyosaki - RM 30
25. "Prophecy by Robert Kiyosaki" by Robert Kiyosaki - RM 30
26. "Increase Financial IQ" by Robert Kiyosaki - RM 30
27. "Chicken Soup for the Soul" - RM 30
28. "Copycat Marketing 101" by Burke Hedges - RM 20
29. "Who stole the American Dream" by Burke Hedges - RM 15
30. "The Parable of Pipeline" by Burke hedges - RM 20
31. "Wave 4 building your downline" by Richard Poe - RM 30
32. "Wave 3" by Richard Poe - RM 30
33. "Wave 4" by Richard Poe - RM 30
34. "The Present" by Spencer Johnson - RM 16
35. "Who Moved My Cheese" by Spencer Johnson - RM 16
36. "Who Moved My Cheese workbook" by Spencer Johnson - RM 16
37. "FISH" by Spencer Johnson - RM 16
38. "Fish Tales" by Spencer Johnson - RM 20
39. "The One Minute Manager" by Ken Blanchard - RM 16
40. "21 secret of self made millionaire" by Brian Tracy - RM 20
41. "The Magic of Thinking Big" by David Schwartz - RM 30
42. "Expert out of town" by David Schwartz - RM 24
43. "Questions are the answer" by Alan Pease - RM 30
44. "The Eagles Secret" by David McNally - RM 12
45. "B2B Back to Basic" by Bill Quain - RM 30
46. "Guerrilla Multi Level Marketing" by Jay Conrad Levinson - RM 25
47. "Street Smart Network Marketing" by Robert Butwin - RM 20
48. "The Experience" by Lior Arussy - RM 10
49. "Anyway" by Kent M. Keith - RM 10
50. "Road Map For Success" by John Maxwell - RM 20
51. "Wellness Revolution" by Paul Jane Pilzer - RM 20
52. "The Next Millionaire" by Paul Jane Pilzer - RM 30
53. "The Next Trillion" by Paul Jane Pilzer - RM 30
54. "Say NO Say Next" by John Fuhrman - RM 20
55. "Reject Me - I Love it" by John Fuhrman - RM 20
56. "Anti Oxidant for Cancer" by John Fuhrman - RM 30
57. "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by - RM 24
58. "The Choice" by Dale Carnegie - RM 24
59. "What choice do I have" by Michael Kerrigan - RM 20
60. "7 Habits of Highly Effective People workbook" - RM 20
61. "Blue Ocean Strategy" by Kim Chan - RM 38
62. "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne - RM 24
63. "Law of Attraction" by Esther Hick - RM 24
64. "Ask and It Is Given" by Esther Hick - RM 38
65. "Law of Attraction" by Michael Losie - RM 20
66. "Eat That Frog" by Brian Tracy - RM 20
67. "Secret of Millionaire Mind" by T. Harv Eker - RM 24
68. "Household Gold" by T. Harv Eker - RM 30
69."Prosumer" by Bill Quain - RM 30