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Heartiest WELCOME to our humble website

Heartiest WELCOME to our humble website
Self-development is among the most vital need for success. Continuous effort put forward into self-development can bring us closer in reaching our ULTIMATE goals. For us to assist you better, we have manage to reduce the marketing and logistic expenses by getting our goods in bulks and market our product solely through the net. Thus, we are able to give you the MOST AMAZING PRICE for your SELF-DEVELOPMENT needs.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Secret of making MONEY through SMS...

Fantastic business tools to tap into the new BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS - the SMS ^_^

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Start YOUNG ^_^

Small kid with BIG DREAMS!! ^_^ That's me... but not that small anymore now... ^_^

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Star War Limited Edition" Monopoly - RM50 (while stock last)

Great game for the entire family and friends! ^_^ The price used to be RM169.90 in ratail store. Am selling it cheap coz its using good quality card board instead of the thick, hard board. Other than that, its all GREAT!!

"Cash Flow" Board Game by Robert Kiyosaki - RM550

Cashflow 101 is an educational tool in board game which aims to teach the players concepts of investing by having their money work for them in a risk free setting (play money) while simultaneously increasing their financial literacy and stressing the imperative nature of accountability. A MUST HAVE!!

"Rich Dad Business School" by Robert Kiyosaki - RM20

Great book for introducing people into the world of network/relationship marketing, and dispels many common negative stereotypes about the business for any of your critics! If the billionaire himself (Robert Kiyosaki) is saying it is worth it to look into the network marketing business, why bother listening to those who have no idea about business? ^_^
Ever since reading this book, I've been actively looking and involve in the concept of Network Marketing and achieved great result! ^_^ Reading this book reminds me why this business is a win-win business!

Monday, April 27, 2009


Hey all ^_^ I haven't really share with all of you what I've done and how I applied all the knowledge from all these FANTASTIC books that I've read.

  1. Among the "MONEY MAKING" Big Projects that i've done (some still doing, some surviving, some fail) ^_^ Small projects don't count:
    1999 - 4Sc1 Class Magazine Project (Nett Profit RM3400)
  2. 2000 - Freelance Finance Secretarial Task for Malacca Scout (Nett Profit RM900)
  3. 2002 - Freelance Science/English Tutor, also Science Camp (Nett Profit RM4500)
  4. 2003 - AMWAY with Dreamchaser (banyak masuk tapi lagi banyak keluar! So sad, but GREAT Learning EXPERIENCE ^_^ Nett Profit -RM3000. Now not doing dee)
  5. 2004 - Freelance Personal Training (Nett Profit RM secret ^_^ made A LOT!! But now slow down already. On going till now)
  6. 2006 - Wellness Technology Enterprise, Supply Health and Fitness Devices http://www.cardiotracker.blogspot.com/ (On-going till now) ^_^
  7. 2007 - Wellness Technology Sdn Bhd , Melaka (Cant sustain, sold my shares two months back) so sad
  8. 2007 - Sell "glowy thingy" in night events and concerts (Nett Profit more than RM10k and still going strong ^_^ no shop no workers no headache ^_^
  9. 2008 - FICASA Furniture, Home Deco and Fish Spa, Giant Seksyen 13 Shah Alam (Good staff hard to find. Looks nice feels nice. But takda utung banyak rugi due to rent, salary and maintenance. Cant sustain. Close down last month) so sad
  10. 2009 - http://www.cheaperinbulk.blogspot.com/ (Net Profit RM2k++ and expending fast!! ^_^ )
  11. 2009 - Fusion Excel http://www.rahsiagunungberapi.com/ also check out http://www.fusionexcel.com/ (Nett Profit RM5k and still growing FAST!! Started in Feb 09 n getting bigger n bigger every month!! ^_^)

And bare in mind that am doing all these PART TIME ^_^ if I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!! ^_^

"Who Stole the American Dream?" by Burke Hedges - RM20

If you are looking for the reason why the average American worker is losing the American dream everyday, then read this book!! ^_^
This book gives great facts about employment and traditional business ownership and how they are no longer helping Americans obtain their dreams. And, how to look at other options that help you retrieve the American dream.
After reading this book, my eyes and mind were open to the realities of the American economy and how I fit into the free enterprise machine. If you want to learn how to get more time with family and friends, freedom, and money through proven tools and formulas, then get this book fast!
It's the EXCELLENT book that people need to read to increase their cash flow and allow their dreams to come true!!! ^_^

Check out the FANTASTIC price below...

Our List of FANTASTIC Business / Motivational / Self-help BOOKS :

1. "Top Performance" by Zig Ziglar - RM 25
2. "The Heart of a Leader" by Ken Blanchard - RM 25
3. "E--Myth" by Michael Geber - RM 20
4. "N L P" by Charles Faulkner - RM 40
5. "10 Powerful Phrases for Positive People" by Rich Devos - RM 20
6. "Success Built To Last" by Mark Thompson - RM 25
7. "Personality Plus" by Florence Litauer - RM 20
8. "Body Language" by Alan Pease - RM 25
9. "Easy Pease" by Alan Pease - RM 20
10. "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill - RM 35
11. "Master Keys System" by Charles Haanel - RM 30
12. "The Greatest Salesman in The World" by Og Mandino - RM 15
13. "The Richest Man in Babylon" by Gerge Clason - RM 20
14. "Psycho Cybernetics workbook" by Maxwell Maltz - RM 15
15. "Millionaire Mentality" by Dexter Yager - RM 30
16. "The Millionaire Next Door" by Thomas J. Stanley - RM 35
17. "Network of Champion" by Shad Helmstetter - RM 15
18. "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki - RM 30
19. "Cash Flow Quadrant" by Robert Kiyosaki - RM 30
20. "Guide to Investing" by Robert Kiyosaki - RM 40
21. "Rich & Happy" by Robert Kiyosaki - RM 30
22. "Retire Young Retire Rich" by Robert Kiyosaki - RM 40
23. "Rich Dad Business School" by Robert Kiyosaki - RM 20
24. "Rich Dad Success Stories" by Robert Kiyosaki - RM 30
25. "Prophecy by Robert Kiyosaki" by Robert Kiyosaki - RM 30
26. "Increase Financial IQ" by Robert Kiyosaki - RM 30
27. "Chicken Soup for the Soul" - RM 30
28. "Copycat Marketing 101" by Burke Hedges - RM 20
29. "Who stole the American Dream" by Burke Hedges - RM 15
30. "The Parable of Pipeline" by Burke hedges - RM 20
31. "Wave 4 building your downline" by Richard Poe - RM 30
32. "Wave 3" by Richard Poe - RM 30
33. "Wave 4" by Richard Poe - RM 30
34. "The Present" by Spencer Johnson - RM 16
35. "Who Moved My Cheese" by Spencer Johnson - RM 16
36. "Who Moved My Cheese workbook" by Spencer Johnson - RM 16
37. "FISH" by Spencer Johnson - RM 16
38. "Fish Tales" by Spencer Johnson - RM 20
39. "The One Minute Manager" by Ken Blanchard - RM 16
40. "21 secret of self made millionaire" by Brian Tracy - RM 20
41. "The Magic of Thinking Big" by David Schwartz - RM 30
42. "Expert out of town" by David Schwartz - RM 24
43. "Questions are the answer" by Alan Pease - RM 30
44. "The Eagles Secret" by David McNally - RM 12
45. "B2B Back to Basic" by Bill Quain - RM 30
46. "Guerrilla Multi Level Marketing" by Jay Conrad Levinson - RM 25
47. "Street Smart Network Marketing" by Robert Butwin - RM 20
48. "The Experience" by Lior Arussy - RM 10
49. "Anyway" by Kent M. Keith - RM 10
50. "Road Map For Success" by John Maxwell - RM 20
51. "Wellness Revolution" by Paul Jane Pilzer - RM 20
52. "The Next Millionaire" by Paul Jane Pilzer - RM 30
53. "The Next Trillion" by Paul Jane Pilzer - RM 30
54. "Say NO Say Next" by John Fuhrman - RM 20
55. "Reject Me - I Love it" by John Fuhrman - RM 20
56. "Anti Oxidant for Cancer" by John Fuhrman - RM 30
57. "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by - RM 24
58. "The Choice" by Dale Carnegie - RM 24
59. "What choice do I have" by Michael Kerrigan - RM 20
60. "7 Habits of Highly Effective People workbook" - RM 20
61. "Blue Ocean Strategy" by Kim Chan - RM 38
62. "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne - RM 24
63. "Law of Attraction" by Esther Hick - RM 24
64. "Ask and It Is Given" by Esther Hick - RM 38
65. "Law of Attraction" by Michael Losie - RM 20
66. "Eat That Frog" by Brian Tracy - RM 20
67. "Secret of Millionaire Mind" by T. Harv Eker - RM 24
68. "Household Gold" by T. Harv Eker - RM 30
69."Prosumer" by Bill Quain - RM 30